Dock Lights

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Industrial Dock Lights are luminaries that provide visibility, guidance, and information to avoid damage or injury at your loading dock.  We proudly offer industry leading LED products to ensure your dock stays illuminated and safe for years rather than months.

LED Stop and Go Traffic Light System SG30

Stop and Go Traffic Lights

The Tri Lite “Stop & Go” Light is a safety signaling device that can help alert truck drivers and loading dock personnel to the status of docked or docking trucks. They can also be used as signal lights in a variety of applications including parking lots and lift gates, inspection lanes, access to secured areas or buildings, car washes, drive-up windows, and as a starting signal for water slides or motor raceways. “Stop & Go” Lights are available with standard incandescent lamps or long-lasting LEDs.

HD LED Light Head

Heavy Duty LED Dock Lights

Virtually indestructible! TriLite’s HDLED Dock Light is designed for the most demanding environments including wet and damp locations.  Arms are double strut and double strut adjustable and are available in 24″, 40″, 60″ and 90″ lengths.  LED lamps use up to 94% less energy than alternative bulbs.  Featuring a shatter proof polycarbonate lens cover and cast aluminum body, HD LED dock lights are cUL, UL, CE listed and RoHs compliant, and perfect for wet and food service environments.  With 60,000+ hour life expectancy in typical applications, LED lights offer a worry free solution for your dock.  HD LED Dock LIghts are IP66 and NEMA 4 rated for wet locations.

Dock Guide Light

LED Guide and Safety Lighting System

The TriLite LED Loading Dock Guide Light Set can be combined with Tri Lite “Stop & Go” lights to provide a simple and reliable safety system that reduces the risk of accidents in and around loading docks. LED Guide Lights provide added safety by improving a driver’s depth perception when backing into an open dock. Optimally, the LED set is installed below the dock bumpers, and in view of the mirrors of a typical truck cab to indicate the entrance of the loading dock. The LEDs provide a right focal point for drivers and reduces the risk of trucks overrunning a dock.