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Dock boards provide a safe and sturdy transition bridge between your dock and the vehicles you are servicing.  Porter Industrial Supply offers a variety of boards to fit your particular dock needs.  Should you have any questions regarding which board best fits your situation have a look at our dock board selection guide, or give us a call  at 1-800-772-6675!

Aluminum Dock Plate

Aluminum Dock Plates

Aluminum dock plates are ideal for low to medium volume dock loading applications. Aluminum dock plates are designed for use with pallet trucks and other non motorized equipment. Dock plates are NOT to be used with power equipment such as fork lift trucks. Use a dock board for fork lift applications.

Bluff’s aluminum dock plates are manufactured in the US and tested in compliance with ANSI Standard MH30.2.

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Steel dock boards

Our steel dock boards are available in capacities of 10,000 lb and our 13,000 lb and come standard with lock legs and lifting chain. They are all welded for greater durability and carrying capacities. A smoother transition onto and off of the board using solid tired forklift trucks is possible due to the beveled diamond deck plate edges front and rear. Formed curbs serve as run-off protection without damaging the tire material.

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Heavy duty steel dock boards

Heavy duty dock boards are available online from 15,000lb to 20,000lbs however, models up to 60,000 lb capacity are available on request.  Heavy duty dock boards feature lifting loops in lieu of chains allowing for singer person operation. Their two pin positions blocks (with 4 holes each) and a single pin per side allow for safe servicing of dock to truck applications, even when the truck is lower than dock height.  Heavy duty docks feature all welded construction for greater durability.  Formed side curbs reduce risk of tire damage while serving as run-off protection.  Beveled diamond deck plates provide traction and a smooth transition on and off the board.

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Heavy duty steel combo dock boards

Heavy duty combo dock boards are available online in capacities of 15,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs.  Capacities up to 60,000 lbs are available on request.  Combo dock boards utilize a full length pin block and two locking pins on each side along with heavy duty lifting loops. This configuration allows the board to work safely in odd dock to truck situations. Park-out or standoff situations where the trailer cannot park flush against the dock or must park at an angle are best served with the combo board.  Like all of our steel dock boards, heavy duty combo boards feature a beveled diamond deck plate for greater traction and smooth transitions on and off the dock board.  Their formed side curbs prevent run-off while reducing the risk of damage to your lift’s tires.