Edge of Dock Levelers

Edge of dock levelerEdge of Dock Levelers

The Bluff Series EZ Pull Edge of Dock Levelers are a simple to operate, quick to install option for your loading dock.  EZ Pull Edge of Dock Levelers feature a 30 lb. spring assisted pull making them one of the easiest to operate in the industry.  Unlike other leveler designs, the EZ Pull edge of Dock Leveler does not require significant dock modification to install.  Their self-storing handles reduce the risk of misplacement.  Available in operational widths of 66”, 72”, and 78”.  Standard Capacities of 20.000 – 30,000 lbs.  EZ Pull Edge of Dock Levelers come complete with dock bumpers and bumper blocks.

ImageNameCapacityEOD LipUsable WidthPriceBuyhf:att:pa_eod-capacityhf:att:pa_eod-liphf:att:pa_eod-usable-width
Edge of dock leveler
20EP6620,000lbsStandard66"$1,133.00 $897.34
Edge of dock leveler
20EP66-R20,000lbsRefrigerated66"$1,356.00 $1,073.95
Edge of dock leveler
20EP72-R20,000lbsRefrigerated72"$1,469.00 $1,163.45
Edge of dock leveler
20EP7820,000lbsStandard78"$1,496.00 $1,184.83
Edge of dock leveler
20EP78-R20,000lbsRefrigerated78"$1,624.00 $1,286.21
Edge of dock leveler
25EP6625,000lbsStandard66"$1,303.00 $1,031.98
Edge of dock leveler
25EP66-R25,000lbsRefrigerated66"$1,356.00 $1,073.95
Edge of dock leveler
25EP7225,000lbsStandard72"$1,393.00 $1,103.26
Edge of dock leveler
25EP72-R25,000lbsRefrigerated72"$1,680.00 $1,330.56
Edge of dock leveler
25EP7825,000lbsStandard78"$1,568.00 $1,241.86
Edge of dock leveler
25EP78-R25,000lbsRefrigerated78"$1,811.00 $1,434.31
Edge of dock leveler
30EP6630,000lbsStandard66"$1,506.00 $1,192.75
Edge of dock leveler
30EP66-R30,000lbsRefrigerated66"$1,686.00 $1,335.31
Edge of dock leveler
30EP7230,000lbsStandard72"$1,585.00 $1,255.32
Edge of dock leveler
30EP72-R30,000lbsRefrigerated72"$1,919.00 $1,519.85
Edge of dock leveler
30EP7830,000lbsStandard78"$1,668.00 $1,321.06
Edge of dock leveler
30EP78-R30,000lbsRefrigerated78"$2,051.00 $1,624.39

Edge of Dock Leveler Installation Material

epap1 Edge of dock leveler Fasteners
EPAP1Anchor Kit for Approach Plate – Used for Type II Installation – Plate Fasteners Only Consists …$78.00
Edge of dock leveler approach plate
EPAP12Approach Plate – 12″ Deep – Used for Type II Installation of EOD Approach plate …$289.00
epap2 edge of dock leveler fasteners
EPAP2Anchor Kit for Bluff EOD – Used for Type I Installation of EOD Consists of: Consists …$103.00
epap3 edge of dock leveler fasteners
EPAP3Anchor Kit for Bluff EOD and Approach Plate – Used for Type II Installation of …$148.00

Edge of Dock Leveler Replacement Parts

Edge of Dock Leveler Parts Breakdown
EPCB10 Edge of Dock Leveler Bumper Base
EPCB10Replacement Molded bumper with steel base for EOD series Edge of Dock Levelers Consists of: 1 …$142.00
EPHandle 42" dock leveler handle
EPHandleReplacement Handle for Bluff Edge of Dock Levelers – All Models Consists of: 1 – …$66.00
DB-13 Molded Dock Bumper
M-DB13Molded Dock Bumper Model: M-DB13 4″ thick x 13″ high x 10″ long DRAWING Key Features Heavy …$40.40 $27.27

Edge of Dock Leveler Specifications & Features

The Bluff EZ-Pull edge of dock leveler is designed with a fully hinged lip and utilizes a torsion spring counterbalance assembly for ease of positioning.  Unit conforms to ANSI Standard MH 30.1.

  • Bluff’s EZ-Pull edge of dock leveler has a 5″ above and below dock surface operating range for propane and gas trucks and 3″ above and below dock surface operating range for pallet jacks and electric forklifts.
  • Lip section tilts up to 1 inch for out of level compensation.
  • Unit is also designed to float allowing for vertical corner deflection when the lip is in contact with truck bed.
  • Positioning tabs ensure correct height placement on dock surface during installation, effectively making the Bluff edge of dock leveler the EASIEST TO INSTALL IN THE INDUSTRY.
  • One year structural warranty.
Edge of Dock Leveler Features